500 broiler poultry unit

Type of scheme
Central plan

Type of scheme
In order to increase the meat production in the state, the scheme will be operated on 70 percent grant with the cooperation of Jharkhand Women Self-Reliance Palati Cooperative Union Limited.

The purpose
To increase the production of poultry / poultry products (eggs) to fulfill the poultry business in the state (theoretically) to meet the poultry meat requirement of the state.

Eligibility points
As per the target provided by the District Federation, the animals of the state are to be benefited.

Target groups
Cattle Group (926 Female Group)

Benefit payable
The state’s potential 926 Women’s Federation will be given benefits on 70 percent grant.

Executive agency
The Jharkhand Mahila Swavalambi will be run through the Poultry Federation.

Name of District and Block Liaison Office / Officer
The scheme will be distributed by the executive agency to the selected beneficiaries during the Krishi Mahotsav organized at the block level as per the district concerned and date.